Orumieh Prison Physicians Go on Strike as Condition of Prisoner Kaveh Kordi Moghadam Deteriorates

The physicians in Orumieh prison went on strike today in protest to their working conditions. The physicians are protesting months of non payment of their wages and the lack of resources to treat the prisoners. They declared that they will not return to work until conditions are changed.
Addtionally, prisoner Kaveh Kordi Moghadam is suffering from cancer and is in critical condition. Physicians indicate that he will not survive. Prison officials have refused to allow Mr. Moghadam sick leave.

Mr. Moghadam has not been allowed legal representation and only eight months remain on his sentence. Petitions by the family and protests by other inmates have also been ignored.

It is reported that Kaveh Kordi Moghadam’s condition was a key reason for months of protests by the political prisoners of the prison.


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