Journalist Abdolreza Tajik in Prison Limbo

Parvin Tajik, Abdolreza Tajik’s sister said that since Mr. Tajik’s arrest on 12 June 12 2010, they have no information about where and why he was arrested or where he is currently detained. She also expressed hope that her family would be able to visit him after her meeting with Tehran’s prosecutor.

According to the ICHRI, Parvin Tajik said: “We have no information about Abdolrez’s status since his arrest on June 12. He has not made a phone call and we don’t know where he is detained. I have visited the Prosecutor’s office several times but have not received any clear response. I am going to Evin prison tomorrow – I have a letter to visit him in prison, but I don’t know whether they would allow me to do that or not. I hope I can visit him in prison and find answers about his location, the reason and agents in charge of his arrest.”

Mentioning she and her family were hopeful to visit r. Tajik in prison, Parvin Tajik said: “Today (Monday) I met Mr. Prosecutor and told him I’m sorry that my brother is a good and lawful person and wants the law to be enforced. I think Mr prosecutor has lost an arm in the war, so I told him I dont’ think you lost your arm so that the country would see  a state of chaos. My brother wants the law to be enforced and wants to help his natives. That is all I feel sorry about. I wished we were bad people who would do whatever we wanted and yet were not placed in prison.”

Parvin Tajik declared apparently Mr. Prosecutor was not aware about Mr. Tajik’ current location, she said: Mr. Prosecutor said I don’t think you are bad people, and you may go and visit him in prison. Apparently, he didn’t know why and by whom Abdolreza was arrested or where he is currently detained either.”

Abdolreza Tajik, a journalist, national-religious activist and member of Defenders of Human Rights Center, was arrested on June 12, 2010 for the third time during the past year.


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