Zahra Farajzadeh Detained

RAHANA –  Zahra Farajzadeh who is the wife of the Azeri activist, Ayat-Mehr-Ali Bigloo, was detained on June 19th in the 4th branch of Tabriz Revolutionary Court.

According to Savalan Sesi, she was detained when she referred to the Revolutionary Court to request a telephone conversation with her husband who has been imprisoned since May 10th.

Judge Hashemzadeh, the head of the 4th branch of Tabriz Prosecutor’s Office, detained her for propaganda against the regime but did not state the exact reason for her arrest.

Previously, the security authorities had detained her sister, Hamideh Farajzadeh, an employee of Oroumiyeh Shahid Motahari Hospital, and had transferred her to solitary confinement.

Local sources have stated that Zahra Farajzadeh has been detained for giving interviews in regards to her husband’s condition, and for the purpose of putting pressure on her husband.

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