Mourning Mothers Visit Home of Neda Agha Soltan’s Mother

Archive photo of Neda Agha Soltan’s mother with a picture of daughter

Report regarding the gathering of the Mourning Mothers with the mother of Neda Agha Soltan

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of the Mourning Mothers along with the mothers of Mostafa Karimbegi and Ramin Ramezani paid a visit to Neda’s mother to ask her to no longer wear her black mourning clothes.

Three mothers spoke of their loved ones at the gathering:

Neda’s mother spoke of the anniversary of Neda’s death. She explained the ceremony took place with tight security. Around 5:30pm, security agents escorted her from the metro station all the way to Neda’s gravestone. The security agents did not allow anyone to get close to the tombstone. Seven tried to get close to the tomb and three of them were arrested. They were eventually set free due to the insistence of Neda’s mother.

Neda’s mother said, “when I complained to the security agents and asked why I don’t have the freedom to go anywhere I want anytime I want, they responded that if I got hurt by the police forces or plainclothes forces then they would have to answer to the nation and to the world.”

She continued, “At 6:10pm, the time when Neda was killed, I began to scream her name into the sky. By 6:20pm, security forces asked me to leave Behesht Zahra and they escorted me outside of the cemetery.”

Mostafa Karibeigi’s mother spoke a little about the memories of her son and described how in the 26 years of his life, she enjoyed every moment spent with Mostafa.

Ramin Ramezani’s mother spoke of the pain of knowing that it was not foreign enemies that killed her son; it was Ramin’s own countrymen who killed him and who claimed to be Muslims.

At the end of the ceremony, the mothers sang songs, “From the Blood of the Country’s Youth” and “Yare Dabestani” to honor the memories of all the martyrs for freedom in Iran.

– Mourning Mothers

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