Weekly report on Human Rights Violations in Iran

Chief of Police threatens those calling for boycott of Iran election 2021

Executions and Death Penalty, Arbitrary Killings

Saleh Shariati, Juvenile Offender Sentenced to Death Based on Qassameh Acquitted in Court

Female Prisoner Kobra Fatemi Executed in Yazd.

Call to prevent the execution of political prisoner Mehran Gharebaghi

6 Baluch Men Secretly Executed- 35 Drug Executions So Far in 2021

Woman and Former Husband Executed on Drug-related Charges in Qazvin

Iran Judiciary sentences three people to lashes

Prisoners of Conscience

Iranian political prisoner Soheil Arabi faces new charges and trial.

Freedom of Expression

Iran: Growing harassment of journalists as presidential election campaign begins.

Mahabad court condemns Kurdish political prisoner to 40 years in jail.

Biometric Identity Cards, Surveillance and Discrimination of Religious Minorities in Iran.

Ukraine Airline Victims’ Families Harassed, Abused.

May 17, 2021