Orumieh sees biggest anti-regime protests in months

The uprising of the Iranian people on the occasion of the Fire Festival is continuing in many Iranian cities.

Orumieh, the provincial capital of Western Azerbaijan, has seen its biggest anti-regime protests in recent months. Sounds of firecrackers and sound grenades are heard across the city.

In the city of Esfahan, in the area including Enqelab Square, Nazer Street, and Shiraz Gate, people clashed with paramilitary Bassij Force. The clerical regime has deployed hundreds of State Security Forces and agents on motorbikes to confront people at Chaharbagh and Dowlat Gate. At least 15 youths have been arrested. In Palestine Square, intense clashes took place between people and plainclothes and SSF agents. Street lights were turned off by the municipality, but people and youths chanted “death to dictator” and set off firecrackers in the dark.