Iran HRM Monthly Report: Mullahs’ Regime Has Increased Rights Violations on the Eve of Iran Protests Anniversary

“October saw the State Security Force’s violent approach towards Iranian citizens, even torturing them in public,” wrote Iran Human Rights Monitor (Iran HRM) in its monthly report of October on the ongoing human rights abuses in Iran.

On the eve of the anniversary of the nationwide Iran protests in November 2019, which rattled the regime’s foundations, the regime has increased its oppressive measures to quell the restive society. “This comes in tandem with the clerical regime’s expansion of its repressive plans to contain increasing social discontent, particularly on the eve of the anniversary of the protests in November 2019,” wrote Iran HRM in this regard.

Videos of Mehrdad Sepehri, a young man in Mashhad in northeast Iran, being pepper-sprayed to death shocked the world.

“On October 18, SSF forces tied a young man, Mehrdad Sepehri, to a pole in a street in Hojjat Township in Mashhad. They tortured him right there in the street using stun guns and pepper spray, which led to his death,” wrote Iran HRM in this regard.