IRAN: Homeless pregnant women forced to sell unborn babies at $585 out of poverty

Some pregnant women living rough on the streets of Tehran are forced to sell their unborn babies in advance out of sheer poverty and destitution, an official of the mullahs’ regime in Iran has acknowledged.

Poverty among homeless people in 13 neighborhoods of District 12 of the Iranian capital has reached unbearable levels, university professor Dr. Chit Chian, who is a member of the 30-member Society Workgroup of the Tehran Municipality, said.

“Unfortunately in these neighborhoods we have witnessed the sale of children,” he said, adding that he had spent several nights among the homeless people in the capital to get a true picture.

The situation is so critical that babies are being bought in advance while in their mother’s womb for the going rate of 1.75 million Tomans ($585),” Dr. Chit Chian added.

The shocking admission was made at the latest monthly session of the Society Workgroup of the Tehran municipality.

His remarks were published by the state-run Mehr news agency on Saturday. Other state-run dailies also published his account.