Student Activist Salman Sima Released

Salman Sima, an Azad University activist who was detained on June 12, 2010 for the second time since last year, was released from prison on Monday July 5, 2010.

According to RAHANA’s reporter, Sima has been charged with “Disrupting the public order and attending illegal gatherings” and “collusion and conspiracy”, the latter charges recently indicted to him.

Salman Sima was previously arrested on 14 November 2009 and released to a third-person’s custody after 3 months. Reports indicated he had been under severe pressure and suffered from a broken finger and injury to his ribs during his first detention.

During his second detention, this student activist was confined in Evin ward 2-A, an IRGC-controlled security guard. He then went on a hunger strike during which he went to comma and had to be taken to Evin clinic for serum injection. Salman Sima was la

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