Azad University Student Farzad Eslami Sentenced to One Year in Prison

The 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court has sentenced Farzad Eslami to one year of imprisonment for engaging in anti-regime propaganda by participating in the illegal gathering at the University on October 13, 2009. His sentence will be suspended for 3 years.

According to Advar News, the disciplinary committee of Azad University, Central Tehran Branch had suspended him for 3 semesters for encouraging students to participate in the protests.

Eslami has stated that he would not appeal the sentence since he believes that it was unlawful.

He was the secretary of the Muslim Student Association and editor in Chief of the now banned publication, Binesh. Eslami was detained on Novemeber 3rd and was held in Ward 240 of Evin Prison for 15 days.


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